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Internet nowadays is everybody’s primary need, One of the useful thing from internet is the changes of how we do a promotion to one’s product or services, We name it as digital marketing. And yeah, this time I want to explain about the introduction of digital marketing and its benefit.

We can’t do the ancient way to promote and market them. Now, everything is on our hands through mobile devices, search engines, etc. Some marketing experts consider digital marketing as an entirely new effort that requires new ways to approach customers and new ways to understand how customers behave compared to traditional marketing.


Digital marketing is one of the internet’s greatest function to reach customer.

Digital marketing is a large area of doing marketing online, It’s like doing things that can attract people from social meida, email etc.


In this introductory discussion, Digital marketing targets specific digital marketing strategy segments from the customer base and is interactive.

After years, it seems that digital marketing showed a very rapid development and in always continues to increase to search engine marketing, it is like e-mail ads and promoted tweets – anything that combines marketing with customer feedback or two-way interaction between companies and customers.

Internet marketing is different from digital marketing. Internet marketing is advertising solely on the Internet, and it’s more general. While digital marketing can be done specifically through mobile devices, from anywhere or anything that it’s as a smart phone applications, yet digital marketing is still not specific.

Internet marketing is different from digital marketing.

In digital marketing terms, advertisers are usually referred to as sources, while targeted ad members are usually called recipients or you can call it as receiver as well. Digital Marketing will target recipients who are very specific and well-defined. Is it through email, or social media, video etc. So, it where we specify the marketing.

Let’s see how McDonald’s does it very well!

As McDonald’s targeted shift workers and also traveler, they should lengthen their late-night hours of its several locations. to do that, they have to post the news. They believe that they are prospective costumer of late-night hours’ business. As we know that McDonald’s has their restaurant finder application, so they do their digital marketing through mobile app.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Digital Marketing

MAIN PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) in digital marketing services
MAIN PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) in digital marketing services


In this introduction to digital marketing era, You must have a website to represent your business, it can be a product, services brands, etc. One thing that you have you make it sure is it has to be clear and easy to remember.

In this era, website is a center of all activities in digital marketing. So, it is a very useful and great channel. Even so, other media still needed to carry out online marketing campaigns.


PPC (pay-per-click) advertising allows all marketers to reach audiences on as many digital platform as they need though paid advertising. They can set up all this type of advertising in google ads, facebook ads, bing etc.

There you can manage your campaign based on user interest related to your product or services.

To make advertiser do their campaign maximally, google ads and its competitor provide them with target users based on demographics, interests and other specific term.

So, it will prevent you from zonk advertising campaign.


No matter what type of marketing you use and in any media, digital marketing is always about content.

It is because the goal of digital marketing is to get potential audience online though the published content. This content could be a blog post, an update on social media or even the content of its paid advertising.

The better content you write it will converse to the potential lead and sales. Content usually posted on website then it is promoted in a social media, email marketing, PPC campaigns or even the SEO.

Also you have a content marketing tool that will engage visitor to give their personal information like, email, phone etc. It is like ebook, online course, infographics and webinars.


You shouldn’t ignore this legend marketing’s method.

Well, if you already leave this type of marketing, then you have to rethink and use it again.


Because email marketing is still one of the most famous and effective way to do digital marketing. You may think it is no ineffective because it mostly Consider as a spam by many people.

To tell you the truth that is not email marketing. Email marketing is an elegant way to connect with your audience or costumer that are interested in your brand or product.

It’s all because the audience felt like one to one touch trough email marketing.

Numbers of digital marketers testify that they have used all other digital marketing channels to create their email list. After they created their audience, they change them into costumers.


Social media is place for people to express their feeling and other personality matters. So it actually the place for you to take advantages of it. You can attract the user to become your lead.

You can built awareness and building social trust there. After that, you can go deeper into social media marketing to get referrals or direct sales channel.


As one of the oldest way of digital marketing in this era, and the internet has brought this to the new life.

With this marketing’s form, influencers will promote other people’s products or services and get a commission in every sales or instructions are made. Many well-known companies use this method in their marketing such as amazon, clickbank etc.


As I told earlier, digital marketing is all about content. The content also could be a video that is uploading in certain platform.

We know that the most video viewer for people is YouTube. As a second most popular Search engine after Google, Many user turn to YouTube to get a reviews, to learn something, to make buying decision or just having fun.

There is also a video marketing platform besides YouTube, it is facebook, instagram, etc. This is a good way for you to run a digital marketing campaigns as a video marketing.

It will give you extraordinary output if you integrating it with SEO, Content marketing etc.


SMS messaging as marketing strategy may sounds out dated because it what usually the predecessors did it. But who would have thought this method is very useful to date.

Many of old companies still use Text massage to inform the costumer about their latest product or services. You can also use it to spread about every positive things of your company or your products.


DIGITAL MARKETING CHALLENGES in digital marketing services
DIGITAL MARKETING CHALLENGES in digital marketing services

Today, digital marketing face many challenges for its supplier. As digital marketing channels are growing fast, digital marketers really need to follow how these channels work, how the recipient use it and how how make them to market their product effectively.

Furthermore, The marketers will the difficulty increasingly step by step. It hard to attract their attention of the recipients because they are already flooded with competing ads. They also find any difficulty to analyze the big data sets, so they have to smartly take any advantages this information in every published ads.

The challenge of capturing and using data effectively highlights that digital marketing requires a marketing approach based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior. For example, it might require companies to analyze new forms of consumer behavior, such as using a website heat map to learn more about customer travel.

That is the explanation of the introduction to digital marketing that must be applied by large and small business owners that exist in this new 4.0 era.

Jet Business is a center for sharing knowledges about digital marketing with complete and free access to all contents. It is all detailed discussion from social media to website etc.

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